Photo Update


Here is an update on some of the exciting happenings here at the BeHive!

Yesterday, 9/16, we picked up our baby chicks! They were born September 12th! That means they’re only a few days old! We’re now in the process of naming them, so far we have Pecky, Eloise, Falcon, ChiShen, and Charizard, with one still nameless. We also might pick up two more, to be at the legal limit, because we love them so much!

Here are a few pics of them:

IMG_7868IMG_7872 IMG_7881 IMG_7889 IMG_7894 IMG_7901 IMG_7933 IMG_7944 IMG_7953 IMG_7960

Another current project is flooring Jonmarc’s room!

IMG_7967 IMG_7969 IMG_7970

And the puppies are being cute as always, Nala hiding by big bear and Jordan, and George keeping a look out and protecting us all!

IMG_7975 IMG_7980

And some AWESOME art by Jack:




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